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Got Writer’s Block??

Let me help you unlock your words!

Online Articles

online articles1You know your web site needs more articles to inform your customers – both existing and potential – but you just don’t have the time to write them in addition to everything else you’re doing. No problem. I’m here to help! Check out my Web Content and About pages. I’m an experienced online article writer and am ready to write for your web site, too!

Magazine Articles

Writers blockYou have a marvelous idea for a magazine article. You pretty well know what you want to say. You even know which magazine you’re going to submit it to. But there you sit – and sit – and sit staring at your blank word processor screen. The words just won’t come. Yikes! Bad case of writer’s block, no?

Believe me, I totally get it. Been there, done that myself on a few occasions. Awful, isn’t it? But here’s the thing.You’re blocked on your article, but I’m not! Let me ghostwrite it for you.

Want proof that I know how to write magazine articles that get published? One of my passions is decorated glassware. Here’s a list of articles I wrote under my married name Kitty Hanson in the past couple of years:

  • All About GlassHanson, Kitty (2015, October). The Washington Company: Decorated Glassware’s Best Kept Secret. All About Glass, Vol. XIII No. 3, pp. 4-10.
  • Hanson, Kitty (2015, July). Collecting Kentucky Derby Glasses. All About Glass,  Vol. XIII No. 2, pp. 12-16.
  • Hanson, Kitty (2015, January). Corning Ware: The Oops that Changed the World. All About Glass,  Vol. XII No. 4, pp. 18-21.
  • Hanson, Kitty (2014, July). Discovering Federal’s Mid-Century Decorated Glassware. All About Glass,  Vol. XII No. 2, pp. 18-22.
  • Hanson, Kitty (2014, January). A Beginner’s Guide to Gay Fad. All About Glass, Vol. XI No. 4, pp. 8-14.

Contact me today and tell me about your article. I will collaborate with you to make sure it gets written in your voice and with your byline. I can also crop and/or resize any photos you want to include.

Newsletter Articles

NewsletterOh joy! The next edition of your organization’s newsletter is due out in a month and it’s going to be a one-pager for sure if somebody doesn’t start sending you something – quickly!

No problem. I’m here to help. Contact me today. Tell me what subject you want covered, approximately how long the article needs to be, and when you need to have it. I’ll work with you to make sure you get what you need when you need it!

Journal Articles

JournalsI don’t need to tell you that there’s more to writing a journal article than “just” writing clear, concise, and compelling text. Journals nearly always have guidelines, standards, rules, etc. for how the article must be structured, how the citations and/or references need to be placed and/or formatted, how the graphics need to be placed, titled, and referenced, and a myriad of other crucial details that must be adhered to. Wow! You definitely need help!

Yes, I do ghostwrite journal articles, but I’d be the first to admit that I’m not a subject-matter expert in everything – who is? So contact me and tell me about your journal project. If the subject matter is completely outside my wheelhouse, I’ll be upfront and tell you I can’t ghostwrite it. But even if I can’t, I can certainly edit what you write!

And trust me, you need an editor. I’ve edited many articles for physicians, tech types, and others whose subject-matter expertise was far greater than mine, but who definitely needed help in the editing department. I will make sure that your writing really is clear, concise, and compelling. If it isn’t, I’ll suggest alternative phraseology. I will make sure that your citations or references are properly structured and formatted. I will make sure that you’ve complied with every little nitpicky detail of the journal’s guidelines. And if you have data that needs to be translated into graphs, I can do that, too.


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