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Desktop Publishing

Print Books and Ebooks and More – Oh My!

Let me help you get your creative juices flowing.

Desktop publishing is the art of using a computer and various kinds of software to produce documents that contain text, pictures, graphs, tables, columns, or whatever other elements are desired. The end product is a fully designed, laid out, formatted, full-color document that can be printed on a high resolution printer and then reproduced on a good copier.

Desktop published documents also can be converted into an electronic format that can be sent as an email attachment or read on a computer, a web page, or a variety of devices and digital readers.

A desktop published document can range in size from a one-page flyer to a book with hundreds of pages, multiple chapters, a table of contents, index, the whole enchilada.

Yes, the sky’s the limit when it comes to desktop publishing and the possibilities are endless. Here’s a list of desktop publishing projects I’ve done in the past:

BookPrint Books


  • Precisely placed text and graphics – you get exactly what you want. where you want it, and it stays that way forever
  • Best option for books with lots of pictures and other graphic elements
  • Best option for text in columns
  • Can be read any time, any place
  • Can be inscribed for gift-giving


  • Can be expensive to print or publish
  • Not searchable
  • Difficult to read if small text and/or failing eyesight



  • Easily distributed
  • Reduced publishing costs
  • Easily resized - text flows and rearranges
  • Fully searchable


  • Can be read only on a computer or device
  • No fixed layout
  • Not good for text in columns
  • Not good for books with lots of pictures and other graphic elements

NewsletterBusiness documents

  • Annual reports
  • Training manuals
  • Policy manuals
  • Newsletters
  • Tutorials
  • User guides

FlyerAdvertising materials

  • Brochures
  • Circulars
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Flyers
  • Mailers

Contact me today and tell me what desktop publishing project(s) you’d like me to produce for you.  I’ll work with you to make sure we create exactly what you want – even if you’re not yet sure what that is or what you want it to look like!


Kitty Price

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