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Edit is a Good 4-letter Word!

And it’s easy when you let me do it for you.

You’ve written a great book – or article – or thesis – or report. You’ve spell checked it and proofread it. It’s finished! Whew! Time to submit it, right?

Wait a minute

You need an editor!

Editing2Spell checking is not enough!

Spell checkers only catch misspelled words. Did you type there when you meant their? Or to when you meant too? Or him when you meant her or them?

Proofreading it yourself is not enough!

confused7You know what you intended to write so it’s difficult for you to see if, when, where, or  how you didn’t actually write it! That’s where fresh eyes can save the day. Is your writing clear, concise, and compelling or were you inadvertently ambiguous? Of course everything is perfectly clear to you since you wrote it, but if I don’t understand something you wrote, neither will your readers! Should some things be rephrased to make your points more clearly?

Do you have run-on sentences or run-on paragraphs? Should they be broken up into shorter sentences or paragraphs? Have you overused a particular word that could be changed to a different word here and there?

puzzle piece2Are you well-organized?

Do your paragraphs logically flow? Does your lead paragraph really lead? Does your concluding paragraph really conclude?

Are you internally consistent?

Are your footnotes, endnotes, figures, graphs, or other graphics properly formatted? Are they properly titled? Are they properly numbered?

OopsIs your grammar correct?

Got any split infinitives? Did you type who when it should be whom? Or which when it should be that? Or affect when it should be effect?

Editing1Is your punctuation correct?

Got any colons where there should be semicolons? Got enough commas? Or maybe too many?

Did you comply?

If you’re submitting your article to a journal or submitting your thesis to your department head, it’s highly likely that there are rules and guidelines to which you must adhere.

Wow! Bet you didn’t think about all that, did you? Of course not. Your purpose was to write, and you did it. Your purpose was not to comprehensively edit what you wrote. That’s my job!

Editing3Contact me today and tell me about the documents you’ve written that need to be edited. I will work with you to make sure that your writing really is clear, concise, and compelling. If something is ambiguous, I will suggest alternative phraseology. I will make sure that your grammar and punctuation are correct. I will make sure that your citations or references are properly structured, formatted, and in the right order. I will make sure that you’ve complied with every nitpicky detail of the guidelines. And if you have data that needs to be translated into graphs, I can do that, too.

Let me get to work for you!


Kitty Price

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