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You Have a Story to Tell!

Let me help you tell it!

Business Histories

StoryYou’ve built or work for a great company. Does anyone know how it got to be so great? Don’t you think people would love to know that story?

Corporate histories are NOT boring. In fact, they’re quite fascinating if the story is properly told. For example, click here to read my corporate stories about Gay Fad, Corning Ware, and View-Master.  (Don’t worry, all pages will open in a new window so you won’t lose your place here.)

See there? And you didn’t even realize you wanted to know about these companies. The point is, your company’s web site visitors want to know about your company; not just about all the outstanding things it does, but also its story.

But your company doesn’t have an historian on staff and no one’s job description includes writing a corporate history. That’s not surprising. Everyone already has more work than they can handle.

No problem. That’s where I come in. Whether you want it long or short, “business voice” or “conversational voice,” contact me today. I will collaborate with you to plan, organize, and write the words that tell your corporate story to a waiting world. All you then need to do is put it on your company’s web site.

Organization Histories

StoryYou belong to a great organization. Maybe it’s a club. Maybe it’s a church. Whatever it is, does anyone know how it got to be so great? Don’t you think people would love to know that story? Your organization’s members certainly do and your web site visitors do, too. But who’s going to write it?

No problem. That’s where I come in. I can help you plan, organize, and collect the information. Don’t forget the photographs! Then I’ll write your organization’s story, collaborating with you as much as you want so that it’s told the way you want it told.  Contact me today!

By the way, this project can become a profit center for your organization if we turn it into a printed book or an ebook. Your membership will definitely want to buy it, and their friends may, too!

Personal Histories

StoryDon’t you just love your mom’s stories about how things were when she was a girl? Or how about those stories your favorite aunt or uncle tells? Or maybe you yourself are one of the older members of your family and your kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews come to you to tell them who all those people are in an old family photo and what they were doing the day that photo was taken so many years ago. Bet they even tap you for help on their school genealogical assignments, don’t they?

Personal and family stories are wonderful; but sadly, they’re often lost in the mists of time when the people who tell them pass away. Haven’t you wished there was a book that preserves those beautiful stories and memories for future generations?

Well, there can be, even if you can’t imagine how to write such a book, let alone organize it and include those old family pictures. No problem. That’s where I come in. I’ve done this before and I have great ideas on how we can collect the stories and put them all together into a book – print or ebook – that will be a family treasure for years to come. Contact me today!


Kitty Price

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