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Legal Writing

Why Hire a Lawyer as a Freelance Writer?

Because I speak your language!

Justice ScalesI am a licensed Missouri attorney and my husband and I practiced law together for over thirty years. His job was to ride into court on his white charger. My job was to fill his saddlebags with all the ammunition he needed and, if necessary, second chair him.

The ammunition, of course, consisted of all the documents I’d researched and drafted for that particular case, including pleadings, briefs, timelines, calendars, applicable case law synopses, and direct- or cross-examination question sheets for each witness. Sometimes the ammunition also included a flash drive on which I’d placed electronic exhibits and the closing argument PowerPoint presentation I’d created. When I second chaired him, I was the one who ran the computer and made sure each electronic piece showed up on the courtroom screen when it was needed.

We were a really good team. But when he died last year, it was time for me to close the law office and launch a new career as a freelance writer.

As you can see from the other pages on this site, I’ve been writing all my life and have extensive experience in quite a few areas not specifically related to law. But they carry over to what I can do for your practice.

For instance, do you need blog posts for your firm’s web site? Do you need an article to submit to a law journal or magazine? Do you need an OpEd piece for your local newspaper? Do you need a history of your illustrious firm? Do you need editing and/or rewriting of something you’ve already written?

If so, I’m your gal! And by the way, I’m a great ghostwriter. I’ll be happy to collaborate with you to ensure that the final product sounds like you, not me! Contact me and tell me what project(s) you have on the back burner that no one in your firm has the time to do. I’ll fill your saddlebags with outstanding ammunition, too!


Kitty Price

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