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www2website visitors2Your Web Site is Your Gateway to the World

Let me help you get your message out and more customers in!


You sell great products or services (maybe both) and every page of your business web site contains copywriting of one form or another. I specialize in content copywriting: informative web pages that inspire your site visitors to believe in your company, trust in the quality of your products and services, and take action to enhance your business such as:

  • download a trial copy or user guide
  • subscribe to your email newsletter
  • link to your site
  • share with their friends
  • submit a form
  • buy something

online articles2Articles

Your customers and potential customers are constantly searching for information online. Think about how many Google searches you yourself do in a day’s time. Now multiply that number by at least 1,000. That’s how many people are searching for the products and/or services you sell – even if they don’t know it! You need articles on your site that give people the information they’re looking for and

  • immediately engage them
  • give them the exact information they’re looking for in a must-read way that keeps them reading to the end
  • include links to specific products and/or services you sell

Great idea, you say, but my company doesn’t have an article writer on staff and everyone’s too busy to write articles, too. No problem. That’s where I come in! I’m an experienced online article writer and, in fact, am probably writing my next article as you read this! See my About page for my most recently published articles.

blog2Blog Posts

Every business web site needs a blog. Why? Blog posts are one of the best ways to establish trust with your potential customers and maintain that trust with your existing customers. Blog posts can – and should – be another of your “soft sells.” Most don’t even mention your name, but they’re aimed at your target audience and

  • WOWgrab your readers’ attention
  • establish your expertise in your market
  • provide great tips
  • contain great information
  • build your customer community

I can help you have great blog posts that not only answer your potential customers’ questions, but also get them excited about what you have to offer. Our mutual goal is to make them say WOW! This is for ME! See my About page for my most recently published blog posts.


Whatever kind of writing your business web site contains, your goal is to convince people that you have the products and/or services they need, even if they don’t yet know they need them. But first they have to find you.

Obviously search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of your business. Up to 80% of web searches are informational and often are in the form of a question:

  • what is _____?
  • how to _____?

The searcher’s goal is to find the answer to his or her question, not to find you. But what a great opportunity for your web site to provide that answer and bring potential customers streaming in. All you have to do is think like a potential customer. That’s exactly what I do! I’m an outsider. In all likelihood I’m not one of your customers. But I could be and I can pretty quickly tell you what types of questions I might ask that would bring me to your site.

key wordsKey Words

You know your business inside and out so you know what key words your potential customers should be searching for. But are they? I don’t yet know your business inside and out, but I can tell you pretty quickly what words and phrases I would be searching for that would bring me to your site. That’s thinking like a customer and I’m very good at it!

This is especially true with regard to long-tail key words that you may not even have considered. Let me give you an example. My husband and I have been selling antiques and collectibles on our site for the past 15 years and we sell a lot of vintage Kentucky Derby glasses. Many other sites also sell KD glasses. Even so, if you search for Kentucky Derby glasses, our site is #6 on Google’s search engine result page (SERP).

Not bad, but  it seemed obvious to me from the git-go that our potential customers wouldn’t be searching for KD glasses in general. No, they’d search for a KD glass from a specific year. So I deliberately wrote every single glass description starting with its year. Some sample search results:

  • 1945 Kentucky Derby glass - #2
  • 1957 Kentucky Derby glass - #1 AND #2
  • 1963 Kentucky Derby glass - #2
  • 1976 Kentucky Derby glass - #3

For additional examples see my Long-Tail Key Words blog post.

What kinds of web site content does your business need? Contact me today and tell me about the projects you have been thinking about that no one in your organization has the time to tackle. I will write to your target audience in your language – and theirs!

I think outside your box
because I am outside your box!


Kitty Price

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